Red Black & Green Barn Ranch

CREDIT: KUOW/Megan Farmer. Read Jenna Hanchard's KUOW piece here.

Red Black and Green Barn Ranch (the "Ranch") is an underutilized parcel of land in Auburn, owned by Seattle Parks. Basketball star Elgin Baylor originally owned the nearly 40-acres of land and transferred it to the City of Seattle but the parcel has been sitting vacant for multiple years.

Nurturing Roots is an incredible Black-led grassroots organization that operates a community farm in Beacon Hill. Through physical toil and love, Nurturing Roots has created a green farm and garden healing space, and runs a farming and education program that fosters wellness around the neighborhood. It is entirely volunteer-run and has been in service to the community for over seven years.

Nurturing Roots is currently leading a collaborative effort to transform the Ranch into a Black-led farm, healing space, and foundation for youth empowerment. Organizing and working tirelessly with community partners for over a year, this incredible cause has gained thousands upon thousands of community allies in support and they are moving forward to acquire and develop the nearly 40 acres of vacant, unused farmland in Auburn, Washington!

Here at King County Equity Now, we consistently elevate racial realism, i.e., the understanding that America’s economic, political and legal structures result in a permanent Black racial sub-caste. Racial realism says if you look at the material conditions of Black peoples (as evidenced by wealth, for example), Black America is not on a path towards equity convergence. There is no magical moment in America’s future (as it is currently constructed) where Martin Luther King Jr.'s “I Have a Dream” speech materializes.

Today, Seattle is presented with an opportunity to disrupt racial realism locally, i.e., to make a meaningful impact in the lives of the Black community in King County RIGHT NOW. All they need to do is honor the tireless work of Black organizers and community builders who’ve already done all the hard work, and transfer the land to Nurturing Roots Farm for immediate activation for community benefit.

Complete a few questions below to share your voice with the thousands of others calling to activate this underutilized property. Transfer the Ranch to Nurturing Roots!

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