William Grose Center for Cultural Innovation & Enterprise

After decades of Black community advocacy, the William Grose Center for Culture Innovation & Enterprise is finally moving forward! Advocacy for Black community ownership of the vacant facility started in 2012. In the summer of 2020, the City of Seattle announced the transfer of the vacant Fire Station 6 property at 23rd Ave and Yesler to ACLT toward Black community ownership. This cleared the way for an Africatown-led redevelopment plan after more than seven years of process over the decommissioned facility in the heart of the Central District.

The center will pay homage to its namesake William Grose, an early pioneer, entrepreuner, founder, and hotellier who help build the foundation to make Seattle one of the wealthiest cities. In 1882, William Grose purchased 12 acres of land in Madison Valley from Henry Yesler.

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