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Don L Rivers


Black wealth remains near zero due to centuries of systemic anti-Black racism and is on a trajectory to only worsen. In Seattle, white wealth is nearly 20x more than Black wealth. What specific actions will you take to close the Black-white wealth gap?

  1. How much of the Black-white wealth gap will you close while in office? 

  2. Who are you working with in the Black community to close it? 

  3. How will you support investing federal funding directly and specifically into the Black community in the next two years?


First of all thank you for the opportunity to answer your survey questions. As a black man myself one who has been in Washington state for more than 45 plus years I directly understand the wealth gap between white and black communities. Please understand as part of the black community I developed a small business incubator to give blacks the opportunities to start qualifying and preparing themselves to be entrepreneurs. That business Central area Business development center was the first black incubator or small business incubator developed in the state of Washington sanctioned by former governor and certified Booth Gardner. If leaders in the black community at that time and some organizations now we're not out for themselves and had developed all of our areas of black existence in the community or the city of Seattle we would have been prepared for the finances that were released by the federal government. I have developed a program called The Three L's that program will allow my staff and myself as married to listen to all learn from all and provide leadership to all. It is called all included no one's excluded. I further believe that the black community has to be taught how to come together as a unit and be prepared to show success when federal dollars are given to different organizations and businesses in the black community. I believe there needs to be a mentoring and monitoring program that brings about success to all black businesses and that also shows those white organizations that are willing to work with us to be successful.

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