Seattle City Council, Position 8

Jordan Elizabeth Fisher


Black wealth remains near zero due to centuries of systemic anti-Black racism and is on a trajectory to only worsen. In Seattle, white wealth is nearly 20x more than Black wealth. What specific actions will you take to close the Black-white wealth gap?

  1. How much of the Black-white wealth gap will you close while in office? 

  2. Who are you working with in the Black community to close it? 

  3. How will you support investing federal funding directly and specifically into the Black community in the next two years?


What I've learned repeatedly over the last year is that "Systemic racism" doesn't mean "lots of racists are in the system" . It means that even if there were zero "racists" present, the system would still disproportionately harm people of color. I also recognize that any position of power, will attract those who have narcissistic and psychopathic tendencies. My objective is to challenge the systems that perpetuate this harmful discrimination, and not continue this cycle. Giving communities a voice on how these dollars are being utilized are what's important.

For Federal Relief Funding I had a few ideas:

  • NO MORE TICKETS or FINES for minor infractions

  • I'd like to expand access to free internet/phones in areas that are disproportionately disadvantaged by cycles of poverty. Internet is a basic human right according to the UN.

  • Create a technology council to update outdated technological infrastructure, streamline access to aid, streamline processes related to self-employment, and create a user friendly resource to services the city is supposedly providing.

  • Create a Public Interface that incentivize participation (still brainstorming on types of incentives), in which community members are fully engaging with their government so that we may get organized in order to cut through a lot of red tape.

  • Create a community Hospital, Expand access to better Legal services/protections, Health Clinics.

  • Expand Mental Health and Social Services away from Religious or ineffective non-profits and into alternative treatment programs like plant medicine. For example, Ibogaine has a 50%-80% rate of curing addiction to Heroin and Meth and roots out the direct causes of trauma that led to addiction.

  • Re-invest in black businesses

  • Obviously we need to invest in social workers and community policing

  • Invest/ Expand Pre-K and fund public schools

  • I'd really like to invest in some of the buildings that are vulnerable to natural disasters. I'm very concerned about the infrastructure and how it would be affected in the event of a natural disaster. Many of the communities in which people of color live sit on a liquefaction zone. In the event of an earthquake, the damage could be irreparable. See updated areas in need of repair on the city website.

  • Invest in planting more tree's to protect communities from getting burnt alive with temperatures rising.

  • Invest in the arts and a place of expression

  • Invest in Technology and retrofit our infrastructure in which our city could generate it's own electricity are now available. As an example, the city sewer system could be transformed to provide subsidized or even free utilities such as water (non-drinkable), heat, electricity. This would also create more jobs!!

  • I've heard a lot of backlash about this proposal and I am receptive to those concerned, but I think it would be very helpful to supply the city with publicly funded/free Electric or Solar Powered Golf Carts for those without access to a car. That way no insurance, no fuel cost, minimal expense, durable, winter friendly, and safe especially with an electric battery. You can even attach a snow plow to them during winter. We could block off specific areas and designate golf cart only parking spaces. I find it very difficult to carry groceries home on a bicycle or scooter especially in the snow or rain.

See below Example, but electric. This is $700????

I am working with every political coalition and committee that finds my ideas useful. I have more ideas and would love to hear your thoughts!

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