King County Council, District 1

Rod Dembowski


Black wealth remains near zero due to centuries of systemic anti-Black racism and is on a trajectory to only worsen. In Seattle, white wealth is nearly 20x more than Black wealth. What specific actions will you take to close the Black-white wealth gap?

  1. How much of the Black-white wealth gap will you close while in office? 

  2. Who are you working with in the Black community to close it? 

  3. How will you support investing federal funding directly and specifically into the Black community in the next two years?


At King County, we have prioritized investing equitably with respect to pandemic response with a focus on the black community, particularly in South King County. This is true not only for the federal funds before our best starts for kids Levy and our veterans seniors and human services Levy.

I have worked closely with Michelle Merriwheather at the urban league to support their work with specific grants And policy initiatives, including my ordinance to create Juneteenth as a holiday at King County.

I’ve been a long time supporter of the Breakfast Group’s mentoring initiative, securing county dollars for that work. I believe that support for strong starts for young people and support through their educational years as well as access to good paying union jobs through strong apprenticeship programs, all of which I have been a strong advocate for, are a path to economic opportunity and success.

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