Seattle City Council, Position 8

Teresa Mosqueda


Black wealth remains near zero due to centuries of systemic anti-Black racism and is on a trajectory to only worsen. In Seattle, white wealth is nearly 20x more than Black wealth. What specific actions will you take to close the Black-white wealth gap?

  1. How much of the Black-white wealth gap will you close while in office? 

  2. Who are you working with in the Black community to close it? 

  3. How will you support investing federal funding directly and specifically into the Black community in the next two years?


We need progressive revenue to close the racial wealth gap, and I am proud to have helped pass the JumpStart Progressive Revenue Tax which can further address income inequality, the racial wealth gap, house our unsheltered neighbors, and invest in Green New Deal priorities. By upholding, strengthening and protecting the local progressive payroll tax, JumpStart, this progressive revenue has the power to equalize our city. We have a sustainable funding source that is applied to only the largest companies and largest salaries to pay their fair share in providing prosperity to the City as a whole. This means $130 million per year for affordable housing, shelters, homeownership and more. But obviously generating progressive revenue isn’t enough.

For too long, funders, including government agencies, have had a top down approach to investments and funding. They decided the priorities, the needs, and amounts invested. That must change. That’s why I have worked to ensure that JumpStart revenue generated is invested equitably, and always worked to bring everyone to the table to ensure that our investments and solutions are community-driven. Bringing folks with lived experience to the table to help write policy is how we can work to address systemic anti-Black racism that is at the root of wealth inequality here in Seattle.

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