Black Land Ownership

When we say equity, we mean ownership. Thriving Black communities require control and agency over land. We prioritize Black land acquisition as a foundational pillar to our work.

Seattle, Martin Luther King Jr. County has historically been the base for the vast majority of Washington State’s Black population. Decades of racist covenants and anti-Black racial hostility narrowed places where the Black community could call home. In spite of such hostile and adverse circumstances, Blacks in Washington created vibrant communities in the spaces afforded, particularly in the Central District of Seattle and South Seattle.

As demand for land grows at an unprecedented pace, the rapid gentrification and exclusion of Blacks from Seattle is important not merely due to the dismantling of historical Black cultural and societal spaces, but also due to the socio-economic, health, wealth, and education implications resulting from Blacks being pushed out of the State’s largest economic and cultural engine.

Below is a list of active Black land acquisition campaigns. Read, engage and tap-in below to support immediate opportunities to impact the material conditions of Black peoples locally, right now.

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Africatown Plaza

The Africatown Plaza project symbolizes the collective mobilization of the Black community saying “No” to the development of a whole block of extreme cultural importance in the Central District. While this project has been recognized nationally and internationally for its importance, it has received far too little state support. Help make this iconic project viable after lying dormant all of these years by tapping-in below.

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